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Niche Sites In My Future

Prior to leaving my full time job 2 months ago I planned out where I’d be taking my business. My big goal is to do a startup around something I’m passionate about, something that could be huge. The big problem with doing a startup is cashflow. If you don’t have a large bank you’ll be constantly distracted by money problems. Consulting could pick up the slack but distract from the startup. Instead I decided I’d build some niche sites that could generate mostly passive income, then tackle a big idea.

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Massive Blog Updates and Tweaks

It seems like every third or fourth post in this blog is about updating the site, but here goes another one. This blog has been long-neglected and it’s time for that to change. Today I upgraded WordPress, the plugins, and the theme to the most recent versions. While I was at it I changed some of the plugins I’m using to improve the site and add new features.

I made a lot of changes to the theme. While I like Grey Matter, I’ve always felt it lacked color. Upgrading to version 3 changed the RSS icon to orange, which was a start. I then added the striped background, a stylized Twitter feed, and a bar across the top with my social media information and links.

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Solving XUL Permission Denied Exceptions

Our company has a XUL-based CRM-ERP application that I maintain. Like most applications we run into bugs from time to time. We’ve had an ongoing battle with some very annoying permission denied exceptions. The exact error varies but it’s always in the form “Permission denied to [accessing|get|set property] XULElement.something”. Here are some examples:

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