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What’s this? A post?!?!?

That’s right my friends, a new post after a year and 3 months of nothing. Recent ideas rekindled my interest in this site. As I’m heading off to the gym in a few minutes I don’t have time for a major update, but here are a few high points that occurred during my off time: […]

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A Year Of Eating Correctly (Sort Of)

Last year I posted my goal of forming a diet and nutrition plan based on Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. I wish I read it years ago! It gave me a complete understanding of how to properly organize meals and eat correctly. I’ve followed it now for a bit over a year and I’ve […]

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Supplement Research

Amidst the site contruction I felt like creating a normal update. I’ve been doing research into supplements. There is a rediculous amount of hype out there surrounding supplements. Do not believe anything a website selling them says. Here’s what I’ve found so far. I estimate that 90-95% of supplements are useless or even harmful. Even […]

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A Look At Summer

Don’t you hate it when you spend 10+ minutes typing something and accidently delete it all? That’s what just happened to me. I had a pretty long entry written out and tried to hit Ctrl+T to open a new browsing tab. Instead I hit Ctrl+R and reloaded the page. I lost the entire entry. Now […]

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A Sickness and an Update

Finally a new update! Last week I was sick with a head cold for a few days. It was the first time I’ve been sick in 2 or so years. I was really only down for one night so I guess I can live with that. It just so happens that allergy season started at […]

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Excercise Continues

Here’s an update on how my workout routine is going. I started working out on Feb 13, 2006. Now, two months later, here are my results thus far. I’ve gained over an inch around my chest, over 1/4 inch around my arms, and my weight is up to 150 lbs from 139 lbs. I also […]

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Workout Now!

I’ve now been working out for 3 weeks straight and I feel great. I’ve been pretty surprised at how well I can run, considering I haven’t done any aerobic exercise in years. I think I can probably make my goal of a 8.5 min mile now, but I haven’t tried yet. I tend to do […]

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Strange Week of Sleep

This week my sleep patterns have been a bit unusual. I would frequently take extra naps at night, getting a total of 4.5-6 hours of sleep in a day. Getting through the night has been quite hard. I’ve been getting in the bad habit of “snoozing” – waking up after a nap and then taking […]

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The Power of Peppers

I’ve always liked spicy food. Chili, General Tso’s Chicken, curry chicken, buffalo wings, etc. It’s gotten to the point where I call Frank’s Red Hot “weaksauce” and don’t consider something hot unless it has at least Cayanne, or even better Habaneros in it. For those of you who don’t know, habaneros are the hottest pepper […]

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Motivation Lacking

Ever have one of those weekends when you know you have stuff to do but just aren’t motivated to do it? That’s how this weekend has been. I’ve acomplished a few things, like listing an item on Ebay, writing up ideas for my new website, and cooking some new foods. Other than that I blew […]

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