About Me

Hi. My name is Daniel “Dan” DeFelippi. I develop websites and businesses. I started programming in 5th grade with DOS Basic and VB3. I’ve been working with HTML for over 15 years, PHP for over 10 years, CSS and Javascript for less. Nowadays I’m a freelance developer and consultant specializing in JavaScript and web performance optimization.

My first attempt at business was selling dice I made out of paper and tape. I made one sale to my Dad. I was 7. My second business was selling candy to kids on the bus and at recess. I was pulling good money (for being in 3rd grade) until the principal shut me down. He didn’t like kids spending lunch money on taffy and hard candy. Since then I’ve started and managed 4 other companies.

I’ve been lazy with my blog but update Twitter much more often. Follow me: @expertdan

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