Supplement Giveaway is Finally Launching!

Nearly 3 years after registering the domain, Supplement Giveaway is finally going live with its first giveaway on 1/1/11. It took me over a year to build the site. Not because it was that much work but because I put in small amounts of time here and there. I would go through manic phases where I’d spend 15+ hours a week working on it, then go through a slump where I put in no time.

The site was built from scratch using CakePHP. The design was inspired by a jQuery UI theme. I paid a designer in the Philippines to do the logo. Everything else was done by yours truly. The goal is to have weekly giveaways sponsored by supplement companies and stores. I’ll be funding the prizes myself until I can find some sponsors. Monitization will be done through advertising, affiliate links, and sponsored giveaways. I don’t expect it to earn a ton of money. I’ll be happy if it earns $500-1000 a month.

This is the first in a series of supplement / workout / bodybuilding niche sites. The next will probably be DIY Supplements. There are a bunch of ways that site could go but I’m planning on starting it as a blog about mixing your own supplements and saving money by buying bulk products. I’ll be making how-to videos for it as well.

I’m very interested to see where Supplement Giveaway goes. I can’t afford to give out good prizes without sponsorship / advertising. I’m hoping to get a lot of traction in the first month which will bring in sponsors. On a related note, if you’re interested in sponsoring a giveaway or advertising on the site send me an email, support at

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