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I Wasn’t Quite Ready

About 35 hours into polyphasic sleep I realized I wasn’t prepared well enough. I didn’t have enough to keep me busy and the motivation to pull through. I woke up from my 2AM nap today very tired. I had trouble falling asleep for most of my naps and hit REM in very few of them. I could have kept going as I managed to make it to 5AM before giving up. At that point I made the decision that I need to prepare better before continuing.

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Polyphasic Sleep – Part Deux

It’s that time of the year again. The birds have flown south, nice cars are packed away in garages, and winter vacation is upon us (or more specifically me). I have 5 weeks off of school with some projects I want to start and TV / movies I want to watch. It’s time to polyphasic sleep again! I learned a lot the first time around so I’m trying to avoid making the same mistakes twice. I will not be taking any extra naps or extending them. Instead of slowly phasing it in with core sleeps and naps I’m jumping in head first. Last night I slept 6 hours and I took my first nap at 6pm. I got some light sleep but not much. I’ll be following the same nap schedule I started with last time on the 2, 6, 10 hours. Meals will be an hour or so prior to naps. This is so I can exercise and drink my post workout shake right afterwards.

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The End Of Another Semester, The Beginning Of Vacation

Today marked my last day of school in the fall semester. I’m not sure what my grades were for all of my classes but I expect that my overall GPA will be at least 3.8. More importantly I am now on vacation until January 22, 2007. I now have plenty of free time to pursue other interests such as polyphasic sleep, cooking experiments, my new website, and more. Watch for posts in the near future addressing each of these topics.
The spring semester will be my last at Monroe Community College. I’ll be graduating with AS degrees in business administration and computer science. I’ll be applying to “real” colleges soon to pursue a BS with a double major in economics and finance or something else business related. My target school is Columbia, with the University of Rochester as one backup. I believe my other backup will be George Washington University but I’m not 100% on that yet.

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A Year Of Eating Correctly (Sort Of)

Last year I posted my goal of forming a diet and nutrition plan based on Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. I wish I read it years ago! It gave me a complete understanding of how to properly organize meals and eat correctly. I’ve followed it now for a bit over a year and I’ve never looked back. Sure, there have been plenty of days that saw the consumption of foods from the list of things you should never eat. However, even on those days I still followed most of my meals.

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Goals: A Year Later

Seeing how it has been nearly a year since my first goal was posted I thought it would be suitable to review my goals. I haven’t looked at this list in quite a while and the results are mixed.

Goal #1: Sell One Item A Day
This goal was short lived. I did manage to sell off a lot of my extra junk over the past year, but not one item a day. I probably have enough stuff to get rid of that I could continue this. Not a high priority, but something I could start doing again.

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One Year Later … A New Hope

My first post was one year ago tomorrow, December 3, 2005. My last post was months ago. I haven’t had much of a will to update my blog in a while but that has changed. I’ve decided to start posting again. Along with that I’m going to be doing another face lift and software upgrades.

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