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PHP Project Started

I spent some time this weekend getting my summer PHP project started. As mentioned earlier, it will be an investment tracking WordPress plugin. I’ve made a list of features that I want to include as follows:

Will Be Included

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Driving Days

I spent Monday and Tuesday at Watkins Glen International participating in a PCA driving school. For those who have never heard of such an event, a track driving school put you and your car on a real race track with an instructor. You learn better car control, smoothness, and confidence in yourself and car. There are also classroom sessions to teach strategy and theory. These events are open to anyone with a car that will pass tech.

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Sleep in Review

I haven’t discussed polyphasic sleep for quite some time as I stopped it back in February. Since then I’ve followed a few different sleep patterns. While I was in school I followed a split 6 hour pattern, sleeping from 11PM to 2AM and then 3AM to 6AM. That worked fairly well but I frequently found myself quite tired if class was boring.

After school got out I returned to monophasic sleep. I don’t know if it’s because of my experimentation with polyphasic sleep, changes in my diet, or the exercise routine but now I sleep 6-7 hours a night. Before I tried polyphasic sleep I was out for 8 hours a night. If I wanted I could probably sleep that long again, but I’ve found that I function well on 6-7 hours.

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You Can’t Win All The Time

Friday resulted in my first investment loss with options. One leg of my condor went against me on a news announcement with almost no chance of recovery. I ended up losing a bit more than my gains from last month.

The important thing about losses is to learn from them. The lesson here is to make sure you know the whole story about a stock before investing. I was unaware of the pending news release. Had I known about the situation I wouldn’t have opened the condor. In the future I will be more careful before opening a position.

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Gallery Online

Looks like I posted too soon. I ended up having time to get the gallery integrated! Now you’ll see the link in the tabs above and the random image on the sidebar. It was quite simple. I just had to add the correct gallery theme and add a few lines of code to the header and sidebar.

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Updates continue, new trade open…

Today was quite busy so I haven’t had time to do much work on the site. I have the gallery online and integrated but the theme doesn’t work with the blog them at all. I have to find one that looks decent or figure out how to design my own.

There seems to be a bug with either the blog theme or WP that is causing a warning to come up. This is disrupting the first pageview and causing the title image to be shifted down into the tabs. It works fine on a reload. I looked at it very briefly and can disable the function if necessary but I’d rather fix it. It’s on my list of stuff to do.

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Supplement Research

Amidst the site contruction I felt like creating a normal update. I’ve been doing research into supplements. There is a rediculous amount of hype out there surrounding supplements. Do not believe anything a website selling them says. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

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New Theme!

As you can see the new theme is up and running. The theme is called Fluidity3C and can be found on Kaushal Sheth’s website. It flows much better than the old one and the colors are a bit easier on the eyes. Plus it allows for better integration of other items such as an image gallery, forum, etc.

Speaking of image gallery, that is the next item on my agenda. I believe I have found a good gallery script with excellent WP integration. Watch for it today or tomorrow.

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Major Site Improvements Coming!

I’ve decided to make a number of significant changes to the site. Here’s a list:

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