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Site Update

Sorry about the site being down for a while today. I updated WordPress (the blog software) and accidently uploaded an index page I played with a while ago. I guess my server is setup to show .html before .php. The site should be running great now.

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Bad or Good Debt?

As I may have mentioned before, I took on a lot of debt to start my investment career. I maxed out the majority of my credit cards doing balance transfers and the like. While this has worked out well for me I don’t recommend doing it. I estimate about half of the money I used […]

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A Look At Summer

Don’t you hate it when you spend 10+ minutes typing something and accidently delete it all? That’s what just happened to me. I had a pretty long entry written out and tried to hit Ctrl+T to open a new browsing tab. Instead I hit Ctrl+R and reloaded the page. I lost the entire entry. Now […]

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Trading going well, summer project determined

Other than 2 finals I have this coming week, school is now out for the summer. That means I can concentrate on trading, investing, and speculating. May options expired on Friday and I took full advantage of it. I sold covered options on Wednesday and Thursday and managed to make over 11% return on my […]

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Addition to investing goals, $1 million here I come!

I’ve been doing some thinking and some math. I’ve figured out that I can have $1 million in 5 years if I start with $25,000 and earn an average return of 6.35% per month (76.2% per year), compounded monthly. I believe this is achieveable since I’m already earning more than that. If I reach that […]

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