Blogger Activist Arrested For Exposing Undercover Cops

Activist and blogger Dan Kellar was arrested on August 25th for exposing undercover cops on his blog. I’m not going to cover the whole store, Tim Groves at Toronto Media Co-op did a fine job of that. RCMP then threatened to arrest anyone who mirrors his site. Thank’s to Google’s cache of the post (original now deleted) I’ve attached a screenshot of his site along with the original image and text.

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Niche Sites In My Future

Prior to leaving my full time job 2 months ago I planned out where I’d be taking my business. My big goal is to do a startup around something I’m passionate about, something that could be huge. The big problem with doing a startup is cashflow. If you don’t have a large bank you’ll be constantly distracted by money problems. Consulting could pick up the slack but distract from the startup. Instead I decided I’d build some niche sites that could generate mostly passive income, then tackle a big idea.

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Supplement Giveaway is Finally Launching!

Nearly 3 years after registering the domain, Supplement Giveaway is finally going live with its first giveaway on 1/1/11. It took me over a year to build the site. Not because it was that much work but because I put in small amounts of time here and there. I would go through manic phases where I’d spend 15+ hours a week working on it, then go through a slump where I put in no time.

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Announcing my new blog, Razor Fast

Long ago I lost interest in The Dan Experiment. The reality is that most personal blogs are pretty boring to read unless you know the person and mine was no exception. I moved on to other projects. My newest project is a less personal blog, Razor Fast. Web performance has become a passion of mine and I want to share that passion with others. The site’s articles will range from beginner to expert with most falling somewhere in between. If you have a website, are a web developer, or are just interested in what I’m up to professionally check it out.

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Hitachi 50V500 TV Goes Kaput

I thought this only happened to Sony's LCD TVs...

I thought this only happened to Sony's LCD TVs...

I’ve had my Hitachi 50V500 HDTV for about 6 years. A few months ago the red started to ghost. It got worse and worse so yesterday I finally found the service manual and fixed it in the service menu. Unfortunately the LCD is going too as shown by the yellow spider web in the picture. After some searching I found I was pretty lucky. The optical engine in these models is known to be faulty, often dying after 1.5-2 years of use. I have around 6080 hours on mine, including the original bulb, so I got my money’s worth.

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Emulating XMLHttpRequest in node.js

I’ve been following the node.js project for a while. It’s a really cool, lightweight, event-based implementation of server side Javascript using V8. I hadn’t used it at all because it was missing a few key features, mainly binary support. I checked the project status a few days ago and lo and behold, binary support had been added. Now it was getting interesting! I decided to start a project to learn a bit about it. node-XMLHttpRequest (node-XHR): XMLHttpRequest emulation to allow reuse of browser based libraries.

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Using the Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 in Windows 7 x64

In my quest to go paperless (a topic for another post) I purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 duplex sheet scanner. All the reviews I read before purchasing it were glowing, raving about how fast it is, how easy it is to use, etc. So I dropped $239.99 at Newegg and was excited when it came 3 days later. That excitement rapidly turned to frustration. Come to find out, the drivers don’t work very well in Windows 7 x64. As a matter of fact, you get the BSOD almost every time you try to scan something. What was I to do?

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Massive Blog Updates and Tweaks

It seems like every third or fourth post in this blog is about updating the site, but here goes another one. This blog has been long-neglected and it’s time for that to change. Today I upgraded WordPress, the plugins, and the theme to the most recent versions. While I was at it I changed some of the plugins I’m using to improve the site and add new features.

I made a lot of changes to the theme. While I like Grey Matter, I’ve always felt it lacked color. Upgrading to version 3 changed the RSS icon to orange, which was a start. I then added the striped background, a stylized Twitter feed, and a bar across the top with my social media information and links.

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Jetblue Unlimited Travel for a Month – Should I Do It?

Update: I decided to not buy the All You Can Jet (AYCJ) ticket. Having a 9 to 5 job made it not feasible. It would have paid for itself if I did 3 day weekend trips for the month but the cost of hotels, food, and other transportation made it prohibitive. I have more practical uses for the money such as paying down debt. Have fun everyone who bought tickets!

If you haven’t heard, Jetblue is offering unlimited flights for $599 from 9/8 to 10/8. I’m already flying to NYC for a meeting on 9/10 so it wouldn’t cost that much more to get the pass.

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Why I Switched Back To Windows From Linux

I’ve been using Windows as my primary operating system for over 20 years, since Windows 2.1x. I’ve used every major release since then plus some exotics like NT for DEC Alpha. But as I get older, more experienced, and more knowledgeable I get more frustrated with Windows. I’ve always loved the command prompt so when I was introduced to the *nix environment about 10 years ago I took to it quickly. I’ve used Linux in the server environment but had limited experience with it as a client OS. Fast forward to a little over a year ago. I began using a Mac at work, running the latest release of OS X. Setting aside the fanboys’ belief that it’s the greatest thing to ever grace a hard drive, I could see real merit in a *nix based client OS. After my experience with OS X and frustration with Vista’s bloat I decided to try Linux on my laptop.

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